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Internet recruiting has grown dramatically in recent years and has provided both new ways of going about looking for new employers and employees. Employers are searching for just the right candidate and the candidate is searching for that special employer where they will have an extended employment opportunity. Recruiters play an important role in being the go between the employer and candidate.

Communications is probably the most important element in the client and candidate relationship. When we are contacted by clients, we endeavor to find out complete information about the requirements of the position so as to have a targeted type candidate in mind to present. Candidates also can provide performance related information to Car Jobs in order to help market their strengths.

Candidate Selection
The selection of a candidate should be viewed as a process, as clients have many avenues to search for "just the right person". We at Car Jobs will endeavor to present qualified candidates who meet the client's criteria and we will keep candidates updated on the current status during the selection process.

We appreciate you viewing our site and welcome you as both clients and candidates.

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